turkey day style.

Thanksgiving is upon us and I, for one, LOVE to dress up for comfort and style. I like to allow room for some serious food consumption. Over the past years, my family celebrates Thanksgiving with their huge group of friends with everyone bringing certain dishes and what not. There are a variety of dishes to choose from and it ranges from traditional American Thanksgiving staples to Middle Eastern dishes sprinkled throughout the choices. Do you like hummus? We’ve most likely had it at our Thanksgiving dinner before!

I put this outfit together for Thanksgiving and it’s super easy and comfortable to wear. I styled this turtleneck three ways to show you how versatile this turtleneck/skirt combo can be. Since this turtleneck is made of a soft jersey material–you can knot it, wear it tucked, or just leave it as it is!

If you babes haven’t checked out Abercrombie lately–they’ve been killing the basics game. I noticed the change in their style last winter and I have been purchasing a few pieces here and there from them. I used to wear Abercrombie all the time in highschool! It was the IT” brand back in 2001-2005. How crazy is that?

People compliment me on Dolce’s collar (shoutout to my friends for the birthday prezzie) all the time so if you have a pet–you should totally check out Friendship Collars! They have the cutest collars for your beloved furbabe and guess what? You get a matching bracelet. Human + furbabe = heart eyes.

What outfit do you typically reach for? Cozy or Dressy? 

I also want to thank my dad for not raking the leaves up since it complements the colors in my outfit. Kudos to you, Dad!

Pictured here: Abercrombie Turtleneck (this year’s version), Suede Chartreuse Skirt,  Steve Madden Boots (also limited sizing on 6pm.com and Zappos), and a Louis Vuitton bag.

Is the hashtag #ihaveathingwithwalls applicable here or nah? Here’s the turtleneck tucked in the above picture and the knotted look down below.

You may be wondering what I’m looking at….the leaves DUH.

In this picture, I am actually looking down for a reason! I have to make sure my boots didn’t get wet from the grass because #priorities.

Just for your viewing pleasure….DOLCE! I have an {un}healthy obsession with her.

Me. Myself. and Dolce.

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