living on Tulsa time!

It seems as if I’ve been in Tulsa a lot and it’s because I have! I decided to take Monday through Wednesday off this week in anticipation for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I think Black Friday should be a holiday on its own. Luckily, my company gives us that day off as a freebie.

In this outfit, I paired together an ultra cozy sweater tunic with my embroidered floral jacket and thigh high boots. The different textures in this outfit make it visually appealing to the eye. Each piece played off each other nicely and I am sure I will wear this outfit again.

Okay–this is to my petite babes out there! Where do you all find thigh high boots that do not go allllll the way up to your YOU KNOW WHAT?! There are so many cute boots out there but I’m limited to what I can buy for that reason. I have two thigh high boots and both have the perfect fit. My black Aldo pair isn’t something I would consider dressy by any means and it’s more of a casual boot. I’ve previously linked the Steve Madden boots I have in grey and I’ll link them again for you all. I’m debating on getting them in a black pair too unless you have other suggestions! I would love to hear them.

Would you guys be interested in reading a post about Black Friday sales?

Pictured here: BCBG Generation Sweater Tunic (similar here and here), BlankNYC Floral Jacket (this will be 30% off starting on Tuesday with code EARLY30), Aldo boots (similar boots at different price points here, Steve Madden here,  and here ), Faux Fur Pom Beanie, and handmade tassel earrings I made a few months ago!

Patiently waiting for Black Friday to be here!

3 thoughts on “living on Tulsa time!

  1. Can you make a post on how to make tassel earrings? That post would be awesome so I can stop buying tassel earnings and just make them myself


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