leather + sneakers.

I will have to admit to you all. I never was a fan of sneakers unless I planned on making a trip to the gym! Lifestyle sneakers? Huh? What’s that? This was exactly me up until a few years ago. I’m not sure if it was just the rise of popularity what triggered me to get into it….or maybe it was my sister, Maissa. This girl is the true definition of a sneakerhead. She owns NMDs to Superstars to Shadows to Virals to Air Force 1s to Theas. No discrimination here y’all! She’s an Equal Shoe Employer! Whatever you suggest–she probably has them or it’s on her list.  I guess you can say I slowly started getting into sneakers because of her and I am still hesitant on the way certain brands look on me. So what would be a safe bet for me? My sister suggested Nike Theas. I ended up loving the style and now have a few different colors in the Theas.  I absolutely loved the way they looked with anything leather!! I wore them all the time with my leather paneled pants and a leather jacket for a chic (but almost bad girl vibe), city look.

Earlier this year, I was out to wear different brands of sneakers and discovered the European brand, Gola. Now listen–I always wanted a pair of Adidas Superstars but they LOOKED SO FUNNY ON ME. I low-key blame my height (I’m only 5 feet tall if you don’t know me IRL) but then I see other petite girls in Superstars looking fabulous. So what gives?

Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me and I saw what I wanted to see….I mean you are your own worst critic. 

I craved a shoe similar to the Superstars but less chunky? Does that make sense? I saw the Gola Harrier in Rose Gold and instantly fell in love. A suede sneaker AND rose gold accents?? Yes please…I’ll take two…no seriously. I should have purchased two. These shoes are so comfortable and I’m so obsessed to the point where they need a major cleaning. I did end up buying another pair of Golas (I bought Maissa a pair of baby blue ones) in white leather that was more practical for those weekend outings to wherever my heart takes me. Ha don’t worry–it has rose gold in the perforated holes of the leather. I have to at least have a glam sneaker. Duh. Oh and guess what? Golas look amazing with leather anything and everything too! Sneakers and leather is a staple in my winter wardrobe.

Since Oklahoma has had wacky winter weather (65 degrees on this particular day), I wore my suede Golas with a leather skirt and a chunky knit. It was casual yet stylish. I’m telling you all–put on some type of leather item next time you reach for a pair of sneakers.

Do keep in mind, I bought mine off of ASOS during a sale for $67 and purchased my white leather pair on Amazon for $35. Unfortunately, the suede ones had an increase in popularity in the recent months which led to a price hike.

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πŸ“Έ// Steve Ihekona with S_Ike Images

Outfit details: Sneakers (similar, similar), Sweater (similar, similar), Leather skirt (similar, similar), Purse (black, smaller version), Sunglasses (similar) and Beanie (similar).



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