classy leopard.

I haven’t posted in awhile because of the holidays and I’ve been getting caught up with work and life. BUT I’M HERE!!!

How is everyone’s Monday going? We are 8 days into January! Have you been keeping your resolutions? I have been trying but still didn’t make it outside to start training for my half-marathon! EEEEEK. 

So lately, I’ve been loving leopard pieces. The print has to be just right for me to purchase it because there is such a thing of not so classy leopard print. I hope you all know exactly what I mean! This leopard shawl is super cozy and warm especially yesterday! I was expecting the day to be way warmer than the normal 15 degree weather but it was still quite chilly. I wore OTK boots and a black turtleneck (the softest turtleneck I own) and it was just enough to keep me from shivering my b o o t y off! Outfit is linked below. Don’t forget to follow me on the app! It would mean the world to me! Search for my username @rowdabaker.

Okay my favorite babes, what kinds of posts would you like to see more of? What makeup favorites I’m currently loving? How do you feel about that? You know I’m a total makeup junkie!

Also–what is your favorite leopard clothing piece you currently own? 

Photography is by @S_Ikeimages.

(Outfit details: Leopard Ruana (scarf here and here), Black Scalloped Turtleneck, Watch, Jeans, Earrings, Boots, Purse)

Can you spot BAEMW in the background? 


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