keeping the check in gingham.

Gingham is back for spring and I’m not sure if it ever even disappeared. It’s out in full force with a variety of blouses, pants, shoes, and skirts to choose from and there’s something out there for every fashionista. I know what you’re thinking…at least these were my exact thoughts last fall–HOW ON EARTH CAN I STYLE THIS TREND WITHOUT LOOKING LIKE I’M GOING ON A PICNIC ADVENTURE WITH FURBAE?? or I guess your significant other????…whoever keeps your boat afloat, ya know.

Mine just happens to be #dolcethechihuahua. Not sorry.

Okay, here’s the thing–I’ve seen some hideous gingham items but the pretty outweighs the hideous.  If you want to dip your toes in the print and move slowly then take this suggestion. You NEED an off-the-shoulder shirt. You might be like “whoa Rowda…you said dipping my toes in and a top is not considered that!” Yeah, yeah–I know but I need you to trust me on this. I’ve found some amazing ones with even more amazing sleeves. You know I’m all about those exaggerated sleeves! I am way too excited to add more gingham pieces in my wardrobe and I want you to be too.

I’ve added some different ways to get on board with this trend including two different ways I wore this off the shoulder top. Last August, I went to NYC and paired it with black cut-off shorts and sneakers. This past weekend, I paired it with destroyed jeans and sandals! I love both looks…I mean obvi–I was the one who put them together!              *INSERT SHRUGGING EMOJI*

I also included some gingham items I’m currently looking to add to my cart. See the last picture for more information and links!

If you follow me on the LIKEtoKNOW.IT app, I have others linked there too!! Just download the app (if you haven’t done so already), and run a search on @rowdabaker.

Do you plan on adding gingham into your spring wardrobe? Comment below!



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