Say Hello to My Top 10 Spring Must Have Items.

It’s finally SPRINGGGG in Oklahoma! Here it means longer, warmer days and cooler nights but hey, I don’t mind that! It will definitely hold me over until summer season is here. As long as it stays light out longer–I’m all for it.

I have compiled a list of my TOP 10 SPRING MUST HAVE ITEMS and I hope you all can relate! Keep in mind–these are my personal picks with what I bought/looking to buy this season but I will try and link options for you with varying price points!

1. Denim Jacket (purchased)

The first piece you should purchase is a DENIM JACKETIt’s an easy way to add some killer  (yes,  I know I say killer a lot but I can’t help it!) vibes over a pair of shorts, skirts, or even a dress. Personally, I was on the hunt to find another jean jacket to my wardrobe. I own a Levi’s Jacket I bought off of Amazon but I wanted one with a different wash. I finally found one and I’m obsessed. It only took a day to get here which made me really happy. The wash is perfect and it even has some cute ruffles.  Unfortunately, I realized mine sold out but here’s some other options.  This one looks identical to mine. Here’s one at a lower price point.

2. Hats (already had but looking to add more)

A hat instantly amps up your outfit especially if you don’t like adding a lot of jewelry. It’s simple but intriguing. I really love the blush detailing on this hat and it’s currently in my cart. It’s so gorgeous. Blush is considered a neutral in my book! This hat is also different than what I’ve seen and I’ve heard wonderful things about this brand!

3. White Booties/Heels (purchased)

I’ve had a thing for white booties but was unable to find any I truly liked. I ordered this pair and I’m sad to say I ordered a 6.5 and they do not fit. They fit lengthwise but not width. It’s 100% real leather so I may get them stretched out. I’ve scoured the web for a size 7 and came up short. I should have purchased the size 7 when it was available. #REGRETS!!! (EDIT: I WROTE THIS BLOG POST ON FRIDAY—FOUND A NY BLOOMINGDALE’S THAT HAD A 7–ORDERED!!!) But back to booties…they look good with ANY outfit. There’s just something about white leather that screams spring! You can wear it with dresses or shorts. It looks great against light wash denim too. I found another brand/style here.

4. The Slip Dress (have a few but need more)

Okay, okay, you already know my obsession with this perfect type of dress. I wrote a FULL blog post on them! The options are endless here. The versatility of this dress is incredible. Have a formal event? Great—wear a slip dress with heels and fabulous jewelry. Oh? You want a more casual look? Well—you’re in luck! Slip on some sneakers and add a denim jacket and you’re good to go! Here’s a floral one. It’s at a higher price point than the first one I linked but definitely still affordable now that it’s on sale.

5. Wedges (already had–ish….)

So your girl (that’s me, obvs), loves herself a good pair of wedges! Why? Well I love to go out with my friends on the weekends and I’m not trying to walk around in stiletto pumps…especially in da club despite what that song says!!! My favorite wedges I bought in 2016 came back for this season so I ended up buying a new pair. Typically I don’t do this but my first pair was a size 7 and I should have definitely gotten my normal size of 6.5. They stretch a lot! I gave my size 7s to my sister, Maissa. How lucky is she? I know this pair is a splurge but that’s where my money goes…shoes and bags. But like I said before…these wedges will last you. Just don’t drag your feet :). These are another spring staple sandal of mine that will take you into summer too. It’s under $100! I also got these last year and they released them again this year for round two! I believe I have a 6.5 in these too.

6. A Straw Bag (in my cart)

I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers with the Cult Gaia bag and while they are cute to some–I don’t see myself purchasing one. I can’t justify $150+ for a bamboo bag…it doesn’t make sense to me. I rather put money towards a designer bag I know will last me throughout the years! Hell…I’ve seen dupes for $40-$80 and I still wouldn’t buy it. Well anyways, I found some great circular straw/rattan bags from Amazon at great price points as well as this bag if you’re looking for one a bit more unique. I think it would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Cuba!

7. Striped Top (already had but looking to add the ones linked below)

I wouldn’t call this a spring must have…but more like a closet staple!! I try to buy one every season because different styles are introduced. It’s an easy top to put on when you’re in a rush or if you are going to work! It can be worn casual or dressed up. I have a lot and wear the crap out of them. I love this one because it’s black and white striped but there’s a black block on the sleeves (if that makes any sense). I like this one too because the stripes are thicker.

8. A Matching Set (purchased–more the merrier though)

I think matching sets are the cutest thing ever and I remember how my mom used to dress me in them all the time! I found one recently that I am lovingggg. It comes with a cropped spaghetti strap top with wide leg pants! The pants have a ruffle detail at the waist. It comes in navy and chartreuse and naturally–I bought the chartreuse in XS for both pieces. This outfit would look cute with a straw hat and some wedges (all in this blog post)! Perfect for spring especially for those of you who live in warmer climates. Sorry Nor’easters… will just have to wait until that snow melts. I plan on doing a separate blog post on this look because I love it so much. Here’s a sneak peek of it on in real life :).

9. Bandana Scarf (in my cart)

These types of scarves have multiple uses and all are equally amazing. You can wrap it in your hair, tie it to your purse, or tie it around your neck. I’ve done the last two only because I haven’t found one long enough to wrap around my head. I can’t figure out if I just have a big head or if the bandana is too short LOL. This one here and here are so adorable and only $9.50 with free shipping!

10. Distressed Shorts/”Mom” Style (in my cart)

Assuming you already purchased those perfect “mom” jeans already, let’s get a pair of shorts too (these are currently in my cart)! Size down here…I’m usually a 24-25 in jeans/shorts and I wear a 23 in this brand. I never understood the pullback from “mom” style bottoms. Do these people who hate it not realize how flattering they are? High rise anything is always going to cinch you in the waist and what’s not flattering about that? I loathe low rise jeans and for good reason. You can’t really wear those cute cropped tops with low rise jeans…it looks tacky to me. To each her own though! We all have our different style and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve been struggling to find a pair of shorts that aren’t cheeky. I recently purchased this pair (good reviews about how it’s longer in the back) but it’s on back-order so I can’t really give you much more info at this point. UPDATE ON 3/21/18: The distressed shorts were way too short for me. They were perfect everywhere else. If you have a smaller booty then they should work great!!

Well, there y’all have it! My top ten picks for this season.

What are your favorite spring must haves? 




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