how to style a graphic tee.

Happy Hump Day (my native animal day…ahem…the camel duh #middleeasternjoke)!! How is everyone’s week going? This may be the slowest week ever for me so I hope it’s going by quicker for you all.

I used to hate graphic tees about 10-15 years ago but something sparked my interest in them again a few years ago. Now I need them in my life and I’m always on the hunt for some. They are so easy to wear and it can really pull a casual outfit together. I’ve worn graphic tees before with statement coats (such as my coveted leopard jacket-only a L left), a jean jacket, or as a standalone piece. You can go from day to night in them too! Add some statement earrings and a leather jacket and wooooo—you’re ready for a night on the town. When I was in NYC last August, I wore a graphic tee with an olive green mini skirt and sneakers!! It was easy to walk around the NYC streets. I loved that outfit. I’m sure I’ll recreate the look for spring so keep an eye out for that on Instagram! So basically, you can wear a graphic tee with a skirt, shorts, overalls (which I loveeee), and jeans. EVERYTHING WORKS HERE!

In this look, I kept it on the casual, chic “I didn’t just roll out of bed but wish I did” side. Not sure if that’s a real thing but it’s my thing. I actually went to a family brunch in this outfit right before these pictures were taken. I was really comfortable and had plenty of room for eating! I styled the tee with my ruffle denim jacket and my Lululemon pants. These pants are AMAZING and comes in all sorts of colors. I’m pretty sure Momma Mitwalli has about 7 of them. They are that good!!! Most of the tees I’m linking are buy one, get one 50% off. Such a great deal and this is usually how I buy all my graphic tees.

Oh one more thing and I’m not sure if I disclosed this. I get a tiny, tinyyyy commission if you use and purchase from my links so I would appreciate it if you do that! It will show me that my readers like what I’m posting.

So what are you waiting for? Do you already have graphic tees in your closet or are you looking to incorporate them in? 



P.S. All pictures done by the one and only, @champagnemamiovoxo.

Also//do you like seeing the pictures at the bottom of the post or would you prefer the top?

{Tee is sold out (option 1, 2, 3), Shoes, Pants, Jacket, Sunnies, Lipstick}

{Casually watching my sister’s back for incoming traffic while she watches for mine. TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK PEOPLE}

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