the mauve series | wedding guest dresses

Wedding season is officially here! Choosing dresses can be tough but luckily I’m going to show you some pretty dresses that will work for anyone. I know I am always picky on what to wear based solely on the fact spring weather has a mind of its own. It’s very well….iffy. So I’ve been obsessed with the color mauve/blush lately and I hope you are too. I’ve realized it’s the perfect color for every skin tone. I have had multiple friends wear this shade while having a different hair and skin color than me. With that being said–I found the most beautiful and classy dresses for your next spring wedding!! I will say I only chose some midi dresses since we are not going to be stiletto pumpin’ in da club. Ya know what I mean?! Well all of them are just fabulous and can be worn at anytime, TBH.


The first dress is so simple and chic for $119. The price is a bit steep for a wedding guest dress but you can wear this dress for other occasions too. The lace detailing and the halter top is what I love about it. It cinches in the middle and allows your waist to appear smaller! I love to eat all the food and didn’t include any tight fitting dresses LOL. A girl has to eat, right?

The second dress is a cold shoulder, pleated dress coming in at $56. It moves when you move! It does have a plunging neckline so definitely wear pasties or fashion tape. It’s just an overall pretty, classic dress.

Okay the third dress may be my overall favorite out of the bunch. I can’t decide if it’s the embroidered lace top or the pleated bottom. To me, this dress reminds me something Kate Middleton would wear! This dress is pricier as well sitting at $107.

Last but not least, is this fun number. It’s layers on layers and I’m all about that life. I would totally wear this dress with a pair of sneakers and a jean jacket too!  It’s coming in at $119 but this would be an all occasion dress for me.

On a personal note//I went to a good friend’s wedding last weekend and wore this pretty thanggg! Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere online but you can go to Dillard’s (in-store) and buy it there in the contemporary section. I received a countless amount of compliments on it and it’s probably my new favorite dress.

Just the way this dress moves makes me so happy!

The gorgeous bride and groom, Zara and Taha. 

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