Nord Sale

It’s almost time for one of my favorite times of the year…THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE! It’s the biggest sale of the year and if done right–you can score amazing deals for the upcoming season before they are restocked at normal pricing. Yes–I know what you’re thinking…how the hell are you supposed to shop for fall items when it’s still a scorching 100 degrees outside? This was something I had to get over as well but it proved to be worth it in the end last year. Things sell out very quickly too. Take a peek at the catalog below!



The official sale will begin July 20th and end on August 5th but you can shop early before everyone else if you are a Nordstrom cardholder! Early access for Nordstrom cardholders begins on July 12th through July 19th. If you don’t have a Nordstrom credit card, you can always apply for it and get approved prior to the sale. You can immediately pay it off afterwards too. Get approved here. You will receive a $40 Nordstrom note that you can use towards your purchase!

Sale Calendar

I got ahold of the catalog and will share some now but I plan on updating the links when the sale posts! Bookmark this page so it’ll be easier for you to come and shop my picks!


I’m obsessed with these white booties ($125) even though I bought white booties earlier this year! I’ve also been wanting a new pair of white sneakers ($50) and these have GOLD on them. I need this pair for sure. The other three pairs (all at $50-purple pumps, black flats-can’t find online, snakeskin flats) are mostly for my day job. I think they will go seamlessly into the fall and even winter.


I’m not sure why these came out blurry but oh well! You get the idea :). I’m loving this faux fur coat only because I don’t have anything like it in my closet. Same goes with this coat! I don’t even own a coat like this…hard to believe right? I can’t find the 2nd coat on the Nord website so I will link it as soon as it shows up. These coats are under $85.


Okkkk I absolutely love sweater tanks so I do plan on buying this one for sure. It’s only $25! Also loving the colorblocking sweaters (black, pink) too and the colors are perfect. Both are under $35!


This jumpsuit looks cute so I’m hoping it’s cute when all the pictures are released LOL. The middle two dresses (tank dress, long sleeve) are great basics to have in your wardrobe! I added the last one because I’m curious about it. It looks as if it can be dressed down or up! All these picks are under $45.


All these jeans are under $65. I’m not sure if you following me on Instagram or follow me on the app but you’ll notice most of my jeans aren’t high-end designer pairs! I used to buy designer jeans all the time (AG was and probably still is my favorite) but now I find pairs that are always under $100 no matter what. From top left to right (1,2,3 (sold out but will keep checking for link)); from bottom left to right (1,2, 3).


I always love my white tops and the first top will make an amazing addition(UPDATE: It’s actually a soft pink color)! All three of these tops can be layered and I know the middle one will pair nicely with a leather jacket. The first two are under $35 and the tee is under $19!


TB hat

I love this hat and it’s the perfect fall one too. The gray is considered a neutral (duhhh) and will match anything and everything. I have a feeling this hat will sell out quickly! It’s under $35! Update//I can’t find this online either. It’s so odd especially since it was in the catalog too!

Well babes, that’s all for my picks! I hope you enjoyed them. Don’t forget to check back here on July 12th (only if you have a Nords card) for links so you can shop your hearts out! Otherwise, the public sale will be open on July 20th! Thanks for reading!

*All links posted are affiliate links. If you like something I post, please use my links. I receive a very tiny commission percentage and it would mean the world to me if you could support my blog! Much love!




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