Transition Pieces for Fall

I’m alive people! I haven’t written a blog post in what seems like an eternity but I’m going to try to be better. Did you guys miss meeeeee??? It’s okay–you don’t have to lie! I know y’all did :).

Okay, okay—I wanted to talk about fall transition pieces. I can’t believe it’s freaking September already! Where has the time gone? Summer is gone…that’s for sure.

The weather has been up and down in Oklahoma. What’s new? When other parts of the US are already experiencing fall weather–we are not! We have hot weather and rain. Although it has been more cooler in the mornings but as soon as it hits noon –it’s back in the 70s or 80s. In order to combat the ultimate struggle of looking fall-esque (yes, I made that word up…at least I think I did) while still looking fall-esque is to purchase transition pieces!! I absolutely adore an article of clothing which has the ability to t r a n s i t i o n seamlessly into all seasons. WOW. That was either a mouthful or a small alliteration for y’all! Yeah–I’m a nerd at heart LOL.

The first piece you should purchase is a JEAN JACKETIt’s an easy way to add some killer (yes,  I know I say killer a lot but I can’t help it!) vibes over a pair of shorts, skirts, or even a dress. Personally, I was on the hunt to find another jean jacket to my wardrobe. I already own two jean jackets but I was on the hunt for a looser fit. I finally found one and I’ve been wearing it non stop!!  The wash is perfect and it’s UNBELIEVABLY SOFT. Y’all…I’m not lying on this at all. THIS JACKET IS THE ULTIMATE HOLY GRAIL JACKET. It’s distressed, soft, and over-sized. I’m wearing a size XS and the fit is immaculate! It’s under $100 and I’m ready to sell my other two jackets because they don’t even LEVEL UP to this one. If $100 seems steep for a jean jacket–don’t worry–they usually have sales!

The second thing you should keep an eye out for is a wool hat–black, brown, camel, gray, ivory…ANY COLOR YOUR LITTLE HEART DESIRES! This is a must in your wardrobe. It can elevate any outfit you wear. Hell…you can wear a plain white tee with jeans and be basic AF (nothing wrong with basic–we are all basic bishes, ya know?) but add the hat and WOWZER—OUTFIT IS ELEVATED. I’ll link a few faves. I got this one from Anthropologie last season and it was a great price point. I believe it was around $60 but worth it. The quality is amazing!

Last but not least–buy yo’self some booties! Open toed or not…they’ll carry you into the winter…obviously the closed toe bootie will carry you more into the winter tehehe. I love these from Dolce Vita but there are so many great options. I like to buy a few booties in neutral colors so they can match everything.  These booties are under $40 and come in multiple colors. I like these too and they are $60!

Those are my picks for pieces that will take you into fall! I hope you enjoyed them. As always, I’ve included my affiliate links and if you see something you like that I posted–I would appreciate it if you do use my links! Love you babies!

P.S.  I took these pics all by myself and am really proud of them! All thanks to my handy tripod!! I hope my pics always turn out this great!



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