F is for filler! | Skinlab Injectables

F is for filler…are you game?

I partnered up with SkinLab Injectables–a fabulous place in Oklahoma City–to get my tear troughs filled! First off, I want to extend a huge thanks to Rebekah and Lauren for being the sweetest ever and having me at SkinLab.  Secondly, if you ever need Botox, fillers, or anything medical spa related then this is your place. They also have a place in Norman for all you Norman babies!! I’ve done a few units of Botox before in some of my forehead muscles and it does not hurt at all! I’m 31 and botox is preventative after all, RIGHT? This is the website with a list of everything they do. #saynotowrinkles

I came up with some questions I know will be asked. If I missed anything, please ask!

Why did you get tear trough fillers?

I know this will be the first question asked so here goes. Y’all already know I’m Middle Eastern. My people are prone to dark circles…it’s just hereditary and I inherited my lovely sunken in circles from my dad’s side! GEEZ, THANKS DAD! But seriously, all in all–I’m happy I got them done.

Does it hurt?

Honestly, it didn’t hurt for me. Keep in mind, what doesn’t hurt for me may hurt for you though. Lidocaine is used as a numbing agent and I think it helps a lot. All I felt is a pinch in some areas. If you have a tattoo then you can surelyyyyy handle some fillers. Trust me!

I did experience some bruising and swelling but that’s completely normal. Every person reacts different. I actually asked Lauren at SkinLab if I was bleeding or bruising while she was injecting me…she said no but I jinxed myself by asking because right after that I bruised LOL.

Is it expensive?

Yes but the results can last up to 12 months and in my eyes worth it! SkinLab does run specials on fillers and I only know this because I stalked their Instagram page for about 6 months prior to this.

Which filler did you use and how much?

Lauren used Restalyn Silk on my troughs. It’s one of the thinner fillers and is recommended for the trough area. I did 1/2 a syringe in each.

Have you gotten filler before?

I haven’t really spoken or told anyone about this but I did get 1/2 syringe of Juvederm in my lips back in May. It didn’t make a difference at all besides making them more pink so I didn’t talk about it! It was such a small amount compared to the collagen loss in my lips which is why it never showed. I do plan on going back to SkinLab to get a full syringe in my lips soon and will update yall!

Here are my before and after pics. Be nice people…I have no foundation or anything on!

I’m happy with the results. I can’t believe my circles were that bad. Fillers helped so much with it! I still have some purple discoloration but that’s just my skin.  I have bruises but that’ll go away in a few days.

So what do y’all think? Are you interested in fillers and/or Botox? Let a sista know below!




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