B is for Botox | Skinlab Injectables


It’s December 20th and I walked into this cute office space for my first Botox treatment with skinlab injectables. I’m no stranger to SI as I was here in October for tear trough fillers. You are probably wondering…”wait a second…didn’t she receive Botox before?” Yes–I did actually. It was back in Tulsa though around August.

In my last filler post–I talked a little bit about how Botox is preventative and I’ll share the analogy I’ve heard with you guys!

Just imagine your skin is like a piece of paper. Now what happens when you repeatedly fold the paper over and over? The lines on the paper become deeper and deeper. When Botox is injected, your skin doesn’t crease along those lines repeatedly and in turn that means that wrinkles cannot form on that pretty face of yours.

In my experience, I have received less and less units every time I go so that’s always a plus on my wallet!

So why did I go? Well, I have two pesky forehead muscles that are way too strong for my liking and I always get a few units injected in that. It helps a great deal–at least for me. We are our own’s worst critic.

I also got units in my forehead where I have some faint lines as well as my little crows feet. Lauren did my Botox and it was painless. If you read my filler post, she injected my troughs too!

The price of Botox varies from place to place but a fair price for the Oklahoma area tends to range from $9-$13 a unit. I received under 30 units for my face on this particular visit.

I blocked out my eyes because let’s face it…you can make some odd expressions. Here are my before and afters. The top are my before pictures and the bottom are the after pictures.

(P.S. Excuse my horrendous brows LOL)

So what do you think? All for Botox or against it? Would you try it? Let me know in the comments!



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