I created the style initiative as a source of fashion + lifestyle inspiration for you–my readers. I have always been a lover of fashion my whole life and this website will serve as my creative outlet to showcase that. I love mixing high and low pieces together and you will see that here.

I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I made the move to Norman, OK for college to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at The University of Oklahoma. Go Sooners! Fast forward through my college years, I am now an HR professional living in Oklahoma City since 2013 and I am loving it so far. I will be honest–I wasn’t a huge fan of Oklahoma City a few years ago. I have always pictured myself as a big city woman and Oklahoma City didn’t have that appeal. It has definitely taking me a hot minute to get used to it BUT I adore that my parents only live an hour and a half away from me. Oklahoma City has grown tremendously and it’s always nice to see what it used to be to what it is growing to be.

I always love to hear feedback, tips, tricks, and advice from you all. Feel free to shoot me a DM on Instagram!

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