B is for Botox | Skinlab Injectables

It's December 20th and I walked into this cute office space for my first Botox treatment with skinlab injectables. I'm no stranger to SI as I was here in October for tear trough fillers. You are probably wondering..."wait a second...didn't she receive Botox before?" Yes--I did actually. It was back in Tulsa though around August. … Continue reading B is for Botox | Skinlab Injectables

F is for filler!

F is for filler...are you game? I partnered up with SkinLab Injectables--a fabulous place in Oklahoma City--to get my tear troughs filled! First off, I want to extend a huge thanks to Rebekah and Lauren for being the sweetest ever and having me at SkinLab.  Secondly, if you ever need Botox, fillers, or anything medical … Continue reading F is for filler!